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Chocolate and Whisky Pairing Kit

Product image 1Chocolate and Whisky Pairing Kit
Product image 2Chocolate and Whisky Pairing Kit
Product image 3Chocolate and Whisky Pairing Kit

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Pack includes 3 x 50 ml sized Iniquity whiskies made in Adelaide South Australia and a selection of chocolates from Winebar Chocolates. Also includes instructions for the Whisky and chocolate pairing.
Whiskies included:


Awarded - Liquid Gold.  

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2022 rated it “Best Australian Single Malt in the Southern Hemisphere.”

The Merlot

This has been aged in barrels exclusively from the Barossa Valley.

Dens Dram #57

Won Gold in the 2023 World Whisky Awards Single Cask Single Malt. Only 91 bottles released.


Loosen your tie and pour yourself a glass of your finest. Let the Whisky breath for 15 minutes after opening.
Take a sip of the Whisky and let the flavours infuse and build in your mouth.
Once swallowed, wait a few seconds before placing a small piece of Chocolate on the tongue. Allow the Chocolate to melt slowly and experience the profiles of the Chocolate and Whisky as they come together.
Let the flavours begin to layer in your mouth.
Take a little of the Whisky back over the Chocolate
for a greater intensity, and to develop some unexpected and interesting variations in the profile of the Whisky.
Sit back... Relax... Savour the flavour.

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